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    where can i watch avatar the last air bender online for free without having to download?
    i been searching everywhere and i hate having to use megavideo because of the limited amount of minuetes can you please help me find a website that actually works doesn't have downloading required doens't use megavideo thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      If you are looking for the original cartoon, then go to Its an anime site, but they have the entire series online. When i watched it, they had more than just megavideo. But if they changed it, i'm sorry. But if you're looking for the movie, don't bother. Wait till it comes out on dvd and rent it.

    Is there a website where you can watch movies online WITHOUT downloading them? Thank You.?
    I really want to see a movie but a rental store is a long drive from here. Also it would be nice if it were free.

    • ANSWER:
      You can Watch Video Game Cartoon Shows Online for Free here

    Where can I watch The Legend of Zelda Movie (2009) Online Free?
    I'm dying to see The Legend of Zelda movie recently made in 2009 (human version not cartoon). If anyone knows where I can watch it with or without downloading it, then that would be very helpful. I don't want the trailer.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no movie. The trailier was an April Fool's joke.

    How can I watch movies for free?
    I want to watch any movie of my pick online, for ones, old ones, any choice..but without downloading it. Is there a site for it?

    • ANSWER:
      my favorite:

      (it's upgrading atm so not available but check back soon, they have tons of online movies/series/cartoons/anime/...


    where can i watch the movie "taken"?
    where can i watch it for free and online without any downloads/user names/viruses

    • ANSWER:
      The one that has worked for me for a while now is The reason this site will most likely top most is because it is a main link to hundreds of sites. All you do is go to, type in the movie you're looking for at the top in the search bubble. When you hit enter, it will list all of the sites listed on Ovguide with the movie you want to watch.

      Another way is searching manually. When you go to, scroll down to find all the sites listed. There will be hundreds of pages, so it's best to do the original search I mentioned. It the left hand side of the site you'll find the categories list. Hit movies before searching. But, the other categories include, TV, Music, Cartoons, even Adult if you're interested.

      Have fun with it.

    I'm looking for a website to watch movies for free without download...?
    I found one, it was something like Plz help

    • ANSWER:
      you can have find a bunch movie on these sites, good luck to you!!

      Hulu: Hulu is the first place I go online when I want to find quality, free, full length movies.
      * Surf The Channel: Surf The Channel has literally hundreds of movies.
      * IMDB: IMDB, also known as the Internet Movie Database, has added free full length movies and TV shows to its already large and informative site. offers movie with different format that can play on your devices like iPod, zune, iPhone....

      * Joost: Nicely organized by category and each movie is in very high quality.
      * Babelgum: Babelgum has plenty of great free full length movies.
      * Google Video: Free full length movies at Google Video can be found simply by going to the Advanced Search and changing the drop-down Duration menu to longer than twenty minutes .
      * SearchForVideo: Nicely done video search engine with thousands of video clips available.
      * In2TV: Tons of free TV shows, cartoons, and movies here.
      * TV4u: Classic online television and movies some really quality stuff here!
      * PublicDomainTorrents: These are all movies that are in the public domain, free to download.
      * Metacafe: An eclectic collection of videos here; anything from homemade to cartoons and more.

    i'm searching a website to watch for free movies without downloading!! help me! XD?
    I'd wanna watch some movies or anime or cartoons etc.. online to improve my english..
    i'm italian, and i live in italy of course, so i'd want a link that i can watch in italy too (i find lots of website but i cannot because i'm not in the usa!!!)
    well..sorry if sometimes i wronged to write!! :)

    so can you link me a free website where i can do it with no download??

    thanks lots!!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm Italian too....But I only started learning Italian at school last year....and am very bad at it. Let me try....
      Me chiamo Lia
      Come stai?

      Haha very bad! I like to watch on this website....
      Also try YouTube (I don't reccomend)

    illegal downloading sopa?
    why do people upload games/movies/ tv shows, don't they know the lives they are ruining, my favorite anime show "High school of the dead" was canceled because of this, how heartless can they be. people uploaded the whole series which made the anime company lose a ton of money.

    people think " hey why would i buy the dvd i can watch the whole thing online for free" really how heartless are these people, they basically made everyone in that company work for free, those people have familys kids to feed. and they work so hard to give us the show and next thing they know no money cuz some heartless jerk uploaded it
    over 200 people lost their jobs the lucky one move in with their parents or friends or wife/husband
    the unlucky ones end up homeless
    i really want to know who uploaded it and have them arrested they cost over 200 people their jobs
    really how heartless can people be
    i would like a detailed explanation on why people do this
    Antie Pantie it nice to know you opinion, but its not the answer i asked, i asked why they do it, and why they like destroying jobs
    Daisuke Satou is a well know manga artiest, in japan and the maga series did very well, when it was made into a show ti was leaked and was uploaded online before the official release

    • ANSWER:
      "Which made the anime company lose a ton of money..."

      It's nice they're blaming it on downloaders, but I doubt that's the case. Television shows make their money from ad revenue. They also make them from DVD sales, but that is after the ENTIRE series is complete.

      If a company cannot sustain its production without relying on DVD sales, then their series was not that good to begin with. What's more, very few people will forgo watching an episode the night it comes out to watch it online. The people who watch it online are those who've already watched it on television and want to see it again or those who do not have access to television - in which case, the cartoon company sustains no loses.

    Any one know where online u can watch shows without paying for them(besides limewire)?

    shows like one tree hill(season 4)

    • ANSWER:
      I think this will be very helpful to you. You can watch shows, movies, cartoons, anime, and even watch music videos. No downloading required, all free and legal. just click, buffer, and watch.

      {p.s. piss on youtube }

      on second thought, the divix player does require downloading, that plays with several movies, but is also free to download and works great. most play with the Veoh player though, which you don't need a download for.

    The internet is boring seems like? what is there to do on the internet nowadays?
    It seems like back in 1998-2006 the internet was a little more interesting and i was always constantly online. now i'm always bored of the internet trying to find what to do on the internet. after i check my email accounts and myspace and facebook accounts there is not much else todo on the internet. does anyone have any suggestions on things to do on the internet that will help me, inspire me, make me better, teach me something new, see something new, entertain new. i would go outside but i don't have enough money for gas and if i do drive i have to pay to park to go anyplace and pay to even get inside of anywhere. my social skills are dwindling away. i dunno what to do.

    • ANSWER:
      On the net, Their are a couple of cool websites i guess...

      I'll give you a couple of diffrent ones, pretty cool website, With funny videos, And
      a little bit of pornography, If your into that, But if not, You don't have to look at anything?.....) really funny website, With funny and a bit dirty cartoons, And songs, And stuff, One of my favorite

      Uhh again if your into porn(I'm not, But my friend showed it to me...) is a good free porn website...

      Paltalk(A program) That allows you to interact with people through I.Ming, Chatroom, And a live camera...

      Fantasy golf, Baseball, Basketball, Football? If your into sports?... (A Encyclapedia on everything, Basically...) your a christian, Or catholic?....) (If your in to coldplay?...) website that you can watch tv and movies for free) website, You could watch tv and movies for free, But its illegall this time LOL...)

      And use could always use torrents, If you wanna ever download something without having to pay for it, BUt its illegal, I don't do it though... can download anything for free... Also illegal) funny website, With videos from people, And other people like will ferrel, John C. Reily, Judd Apitow sorry for my incorrect spelling...)

      And youtube always has lots of great videos too...

      Depends on what your into... Whatever your into, You could
      just google it honestly... So keep on searching, And i hope these websites, Will keep you entertained!!....

watch new cartoon movies online for free without downloading

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