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Most people have heard of astral projection and out of body experiences or OBE for short. There are a growing number of people experiencing them now. Over the last decade a lot of research has been done to further the knowledge of astral projection and OBE's from both a practical and theoretical points of view. There have been a few leading astral projection gurus who have risen to the top. The theories and the practical techniques they have developed have pushed astral projection into this millennium. Guys like Robert Bruce have taken this subject up to new levels. In my opinion he has even surpassed Robert Monroe in helping people gain the knowledge and the techniques in order to travel the astral. Robert Bruce's energy body work is a very effective tool for spiritual work, not just astral projection. Through "tactile imaging" as he calls it stimulates and manipulates the energy body. This is very useful for removing energy blockages, balancing your energy body and loosening the energy body in preparation for an out of body experience. The keys to astral projection and OBE's are learning to get into a good trance. Removing mental and energy body block, eg. remove fear and anxiety also negative energy blockages. Once you learn how to get into trance and stimulate the energy body the other element to work on is an exit technique. This is the technique that gets you out of body once your ready. Although astral projection is a bit of work. It has become much easier to accomplish since so much information is available about it now compared to a few decades ago. Find free info on the net and if you get really serious about it I would recommend learning more about it from an expert and best selling author on the topic like Robert Bruce. There are also some good free websites and forums you can find online to explore and learn more about the topic without paying anything. You can also find some free astral projection out of body experience tutorials and guides online to get you started on your way. Like anything else astral projection is a skill and can be mastered with practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some good disney movies on netflix to watch instantly?
    I really want to watch a disney movie but I can't find any good ones. Any ideas?
    I LOVE disney movies, and I just can't seem to find any good free Netflix movies to watch that don't require DVDs.
    Please let me know if you know of any:)!
    Btw I am a teenager.. 13 years of age:)!
    Please don't be mean and simply answer my question:)!

    • ANSWER:
      The Princess & the Frog
      Alice in Wonderland
      Benji (Highly Recommend) (Not Disney, but fantastic)
      Toy Story 3
      Old Dogs

    Where do you download the free Netflix Movie Viewer software?
    I just started a Netflix account and I know I have a compatible computer but it doesn't show where I download the free Netflix Movie Viewer software.

    • ANSWER:
      Select a Live Feed movie and it will prompt you

    How often do they add new movies to Netflix?
    Also what are some good funny movies on Netflix.

    • ANSWER:
      they add new movies every week, but most of the time they aren't ones you would even want to watch. I got rid of netflix a long time ago due to this. So many free sites that stream a lot more than netflix, and most have blu-ray versions weeks before netflix/redbox.

    If I use paypal to start my netflix free trial, are there any hidden fees that will be charged to me?
    I just want the month long trial of netflix for tonight, will there be any hidden fees or charges that I don't know about? If I cancel my subscription the day before my trial expires will I essentially get a free no strings month of free movies?

    • ANSWER:
      No,There are no hidden charges or extra fees.
      Be sure to read the terms and conditions.
      Put a note where you will see it so you remember to cancel at least TWO days before the trial is up. The trial will still run for 2 more days.

      NetFlix is aware of people who game the Free Trial. If you cancel it NetFlix will NOT let you have another free trial in a few months and they will not offer you membership again.

    How do I activate Netflix on my iPod?
    I installed netflix on my iPod, but it tells me to registrate it online, what do I do to get to watch free movies?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing is free. If you have a netflix streaming account, you can use your login information to access netflix over wifi. I'm not positive, but I suspect you may have to log into netflix on your computer to ad movies to your queue.

good free movies on netflix

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