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Frequently Asked Questions

    What awesome site has the most movies to download and watch for free?
    I want 100% free movie site which has the most movie collections available for download. It includes lots of genres and also from Asian and Filipino movies if they include so. and sites which offers free downloadable for pc and other formats for mp3 or ipod..

    • ANSWER:
      that was a terrible question, watch movies at the movie theaters were its LEGAL, piracy makes me sick

    Where Can I Watch the movie vanished without a trace?
    The movie where the 13 year old goes missing. They dont have it on fancast, hulu, or youtube. The movie from 1999.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey honey, this is your lucky day.
      I've just watched this movie yesterday with my boyfriend and I really loved the movie.
      I made an upload for you here: www.sharpurl.c o m/movie247 (without space). I highly recommend it if you want watch the movie DVDRIP
      You can Watch and Download too. Site is 100% Legal and Free. They have fresh movies like Fast and Furious 4, Ice age 3, Crank 2 and many others.
      Sometimes, you have to complete a survey to unlock the content but 20 seconds won't hurt.
      Hope this helps you. Wish u all the best.

    Where to burn music and movies and possibly games that's legal for a fee?
    I am wanting to download music, movies and also games if possible, but want to do it legally, to pay for it, what is a good place to do this?

    • ANSWER:
      you can download at movie cap for a one time fee ... from a server not p2p, 100% legal http://thedigitalwire.webplus.net/page7.html

    I would like to know if downloading movies, music, etc from Bit Torrent and utorrent is illegal?
    Could I get imprisoned or a lawsuit for downloading movies, music, and games from utorrent and Bit Torrent etc?

    • ANSWER:
      Downloading content that is protected by copy right is illegal if you don't already own a copy that you paid or given the rights to own.
      Another words if you own a game say Diablo 2. If you lost the disc and need to reinstall. As long as you have proof of purchase it's legal to download Diablo 2 and no harm will come to you.
      Now if you do not have proof then it's Illegal and you can be sued. Jail time is a possibility but it's never been done in history except for the time while waiting for Bail to be posted.

      Now that being said. It's getting less and less common for company's to attack users. Now Adas they continue to pass laws to sue websites that allow for P2P of illegal software.

      Still every once in a while. A few company's will get to gather and and hire a Lawyer for a joint lawsuit. Where they will gather 100-300 people with the largest shared library's and sue them all at once and try to get enough money back to break even after the lawyer fee's (Which they never due because were all poor and never pay up). This happens normally 2 times a year from the major music and movie publishers.

    What website can you download movies and TV shows onto your mp3 player for free?
    I want to download some TV shows, like Cold Case, onto my E200 mp3 player, but I don't know where or how. I went to Limewire, but I couldn't find hardly any movies. Plz help!

    • ANSWER:
      Check out http://moviesmoviesmovies.info
      Over 100 million files -DVD,Quality movies,music videos,
      tv-shows,games,music & more.It is 100% legal.

    Where can i watch baby moma and other movies for free?
    ON the internet!
    i dont want to download them either!i have asked this question before and everyone that answered gave me links to places that make you download or have foxwire...i really want to watch baby moma!
    please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Watch over 80 Million Movies on the Internet For FREE.
      100% Legal!

    What are the illegal files to download in Torrent?
    Some says: Movies, music, videos, cracked files ... Then what can I download if all of this are illegal?

    + Can i download a game installers for example?
    + Peer Block and Peer guardian ... What do these stuff do?

    • ANSWER:
      If you download something that you would normally pay for and don't own, that's illegal. If you download a CD that you don't owe, that's illegal. If you download a movie you don't owe, that's illegal.
      The only legal things you can download are files that aren't under any sort of copyright protections. If you have to pay for it, chances are it's protected by copyrights. Also, porn that is illegal in your country is also illegal to download.

      Those peer blockers are suppose to block you from connecting with an authority figure who can then track your IP Address to your ISP who then can give them your location and information. I never used them, but like most protection, it probably doesn't work 100% of the time.

    When downloading music do they sometimes carry other things with it?
    When downloading music (legal or illegally), does it sometimes carry other added pieces of files or such with it, even if the song works.
    (I dont download but a friend of mine said that downloading music sometimes can end up corrupting your computer because people can add attachments to music files which arnt visible but the song play normally.)
    --I want just wondering if this is truth or false.

    • ANSWER:
      What you friend jprobably means is, that peope can make fake files and want us to believe that those files are songs or movies.
      They are however virusus.
      You alway see in a search a lot to small files. Those files are too small to be a song or movie and therefoe very likely are those small files the fake files.
      When you want to download music or movies, start downloading files higher than 2500kb.

      I gave the same advies to many limewire users, but this morning I got 10 points bonus for the best answer.
      I found it a little strange, because asker told me, that he had downloaded 2 files over 5000kb, but that Avast told him they were mal ware He therefore decided to stop using p2p programs all together. So I do not know why I still got the 10 points.
      This shows, that nothing is 100 % safe and that you really need a good and updated anti virus program , Just in case

    Is it legal to sell a used iPod nano with the added perk of hundred of dollars of downloads attached to it?
    I'm a huge fan of stand up comedy. I've purchased over 100 albums by various comedians from iTunes. I have a nano (3rd gen) but I never use it since buying the 4th generation. I also have lots of great music and movies, tv shows etc as well.
    Obviously the buyer could not add anything without losing everything but still...

    • ANSWER:
      You could, as far as I know. However, you must beware! If the new user or any future users of the iPod do something illegal with those downloads, you are held accountable!

    How do people download vedeos on youtube?
    So when ever i just watching random vidose on youtube some times in the suggustion box below or on the side movies pop up. Some times tgey are in parts are otherwise they are full movies. Most of the time youtube takes them off becuase of legal pourpose but i still dont quite know how they get the movies on there. Can any one tell me possibly how? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Usually with internet download manager or plug-ins or add ons for your web browser.
      just google the name of your browser and add the words you tube plug in, or add on
      e.g. firefox you tube plug in
      or firefox you tube add on
      you will find lots, just pick the best two or three with the most reviews, it's always best to have more than one, as some don't always work 100% of the time

    How do you uninstall a program that is not listed in the add/change program list?
    I can't seem to find it. AOL downloaded a firewall that I can't find to uninstall, and yahoo internet security (norton) is downloaded as a free trial, but I can't seem to locate it to delete that either.


    I am trying to install System Mechanic Pro but it will not allow me to install until I remove the other antivirus/fire wall programs first.

    • ANSWER:
      Please click "start", and go to "programs". look at all your programs and see if you can find the AOL firewall.

      There are alot of program that for some unknown reason don't go into the "ADD/Remove", they have a uninstall listed under the name of the program.

      As for Nortons I am very concerned for you. Nortons is a very difficult problem to uninstall. The program is known leave sometimes as much as 300 fragments of Nortons in your system. Likes to attach itself like glue to all of your programs.

      If you are lucky to get out both programs. Please reboot your computer. And then go to "start", "run" and type in, c://program files. click on browse and when it opens click on program files. When it opens look for AOL firewall if it is not delete, please delete as you have already done a reboot so it should delete without saying "unable to delete as being used by another program". Same for Nortons or you may see the word "Symantec". That is Nortons.

      If you have been able to remove Nortons I know for sure there is going to be fragments left behind. Not good as it will cause conflict and slow down your system.

      Go to www.rosecitysoftware.com and download their "Registry First Aid". You can use it during the test period. Run check the registry for errors. Remove all the check marks next to the green box and the yellow box. If you are not an expert in computers leave the check marks next to the red box. They will not harm your pc.

      I am a clinical psychiatrist an I have a legal obligation and moral obligation to keep my pc 100% clean of any virus/spyware.

      For nine years I have been clean. I use www.filseclab.com -- Twister Anti-Trojan Virus. This program is from Beijing, China and the government of China uses it. I have never had one virus in the nine years that I have used this state of the art technology.

      Plus what is great you only pay a small one time fee for life. You get frequent large signature updates, excellent support an a real time scanner. Scans on startup and runs in the background. Uses very little resource CPU power.

      I have tested every antivirus program known. And this is the only one that works 100%. If you open a webpage that has spyware on it or a trojan embedded it will clean on the spot. If you download files, music, games, movies, etc. etc. and there is a hidden embedded trojan or spyware, this software will stop the download and clean on the spot. Even a compressed zip file will be cleaned if it had hidden trojans in it.

      Hope your problem gets resoloved.

      If you should require further help you can email me at:

    Where can you get psp downloads without any payment included?
    Psp blender is the best but im not allowed to sign up so has anyone got a site where i can get 100% free downloads for psp?

    • ANSWER:
      So you are looking for free PSP downloads? There is one thing you need to understand first: there is nothing like a free PSP download. Of course there are free PSP download sites, but they are illegal and you will be getting into BIG trouble using these services.

      But there are other sites that offer free PSP downloads that are legal. You only have to pay a onetime membership fee. After that you may download as many PSP songs, games, and movies as you can handle forthe rest of your life Membership to these donwload sites is low and varies. You will have to pay around for unlimited access.

      So once you paid your membership fee you have free PSP downloads for life. A pretty good deal and honestly... don't you think it is a good idea to stay legal?

    what is torrent exactly and how to download songs using torrent?
    Is it for free? Is it legal? I want some songs and this term torrent keeps appearing when I look for them

    • ANSWER:
      A torrent is a type of peer-to-peer network. Basically, people place files on their computers and then provide torrent links which let people download those files. It is free. Torrenting itself is legal. But if you use torrenting to get music and movies that you'd normally have to pay for, you're violating copyright laws and could potentially face a fine of over 0,000 per song downloaded. You can use torrents to download open source software like Firefox or Linux legally, but if you normally have to pay for it, it's theft. The other thing you have to worry about is viruses. Like I said, it's just people putting files on their computers. It's all anonymous and nearly untraceable so there's no accountability. There are people who take viruses, name the files "PokerFace.mp3" or something similar and wait for people to download and run the virus thinking it's a song.

100% legal movies downloads

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